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With romantic lyrics like I’ve been trying all day to keep myself busy, but you keep creeping into my mind, every time you do it, makes me so dizzy and the thought of you gets me high, “Thinking ‘Bout You” is sure to resonate with listeners.



J4 is one of the most talented young artists I have ever known. His vocal, songwriting and production skills are stellar.

Jan Buckingham

No. 1 Hit Songwriter, Duck House

There’s talent, and then there’s incredible talent.

James Breedwell

Hit Songwriter, Thats a Hook Music Publishing, BMG

J4 is an awesomely talented singer-songwriter, with an inspiring voice and sound that is all his own.

Analisa Gardner

Host, Nashville Songwriter Showcase Series

I can see the future when J4 sings…and it’s magic!

Nancy Deckant

CEO, NashvilleCOOL Publishing

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